I could use a nap.

And why, you ask, does that occur to me when I’m introducing the Agony in the Garden?

Well, if you go to The Kennedy Adventures, you’ll find out.

We’re up to the Sorrowful Mysteries now, which means we’re halfway through our rosary together.

* * *

October 16 has special meaning for me. My second daughter was born on this day, which is also the feast of some pretty awesome saints, including Saint Gerard and Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. And hey, it’s also the feast (or is it an observation?) of the Purity of the Virgin Mary.

So we’re partying here at my house, and I’m also celebrating a good friend’s special day too (it’s her anniversary) and the fact that I’m so very, very blessed.

* * *

Don’t forget:

* * *

Like the rosary that’s pictured? I lifted it shamelessly from one of my favorite rosary makers, Trendy Traditions. I suspect it will be the birthday girl’s First Communion rosary someday (that or something like it). It goes right along with her style.