— 1 —

I wasn’t going to do a post.


Because…well, the why doesn’t matter.

— 2 —

I’m hearing great feedback from people who are using Welcome Baby Jesus for their families at Advent. I’m so glad!

— 3 —

And that leads, naturally, to the question that seems to be first on everyone’s list for me: How is MY Advent going?

— 4 —

Did I mention that I almost didn’t do a post?

Advent’s not going bad, mind you, it’s just…well, I’m glad to hear about how Welcome Baby Jesus is helpful and useful and inspiring for other families. I am unmotivated and uninspired this year. December is stacked with gift-giving and all the responsibilities that has behind it. Then there’s the ongoing discussion of when we decorate, whether I am faking this bah-humbug thing, and what else needs done.

— 5 —

All of this has led me to reflect, this first week of Advent, on the fact that feelings are not reality. How I feel, the reality inside my head, doesn’t matter.

— 6 —

It’s especially humbling to know that a book I wrote is leading people closer to Christ and helping them prepare for Christmas when I’m struggling in what feels like a special way.

Being an instrument of the Holy Spirit isn’t what I thought it would be, in other words.

I should have known there wouldn’t be trumpets blaring and fireworks explodingthere usually aren’t for me.

All the same, I’m humbled. Again and again.

— 7 —

In other news, I wrote about a great app (it’s free!), about a wonderful novel that you have a chance to win in Kindle version, and about holiday hangover as it relates to blogging. Phew. Now, to go try to wrestle some stuff done before the coffee runs out…

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