Part of the Mary Moment Monday series

Father’s Day was over a week ago, but it’s still very much on my mind. Maybe it’s because the piece I penned about seeing Mary in my husband is up today at Faith & Family Live.

Though my husband maintains that Mother’s Day is my day, I think he’s wrong. I think I get as much — or more — fun out of watching him on Father’s Day. This year, the girls crawled all over him and the five-year-old triumphantly handed him decorated packages. Both of them “helped” him open them and then they “helped” him eat the candy inside too. (What dad doesn’t need chocolate for Father’s Day?)

So many times, I fail to appreciate many of the quieter attributes of my husband. He’s not the kind of guy to stand up and demand attention. He is just as happy sitting in silence as he is holding a conversation, and many times, I’ll admit, I choose the book in my hand over the man at my side.

In his example, I’ve learned about the importance of silence, and I’ve also seen him walk the talk as far as thinking before speaking. I don’t think an ill-considered word ever leaves his mouth. When he’s angry, he seems to have some sort of safety valve over his mouth (I’ve been trying to install one on my mouth for years).

From him, I’ve seen gentleness in action. I’ve seen the source of his gentleness too, rooted in his faith and his confidence in God’s will.

So, really, it was long overdue, this acknowledgment of how I see Mary in my husband.

Is it a love letter? Is it a bit of my romantic side coming through? Is it a glimpse at the man I love? Yes, it is. And I’m honored to be able to share it with you, because it’s also a tribute to my Heavenly Mother. Hope you enjoy it.