1. Snow, snow, and more snow.

It has been a cold, white December. My newly-moved-from-Louisiana nieces are LOOOVING the combination of snow and school delays/cancellations. Snow is still a novelty to them. I’ll document their reaction to it come February. 🙂

2. A new person in the house.

So we have a new person in the house. And he is cute. And laid back (a trait he surely gets from his father, as I have not a laid back gene in my body). And…an adjustment. So far, so good. Yes, we have our challenges, but nothing I’m going to document here just yet.

3. Um, oops.

Advent? What’s THAT?

Or that’s how it feels to me this year. I ended up putting away the Advent wreath that my sister-in-law so thoughtfully got out for me while I was in the hospital with the baby. It had gone two-and-a-half weeks with no candles, and I didn’t know where to find the new candles, AND I knew better. There was just no way we were going to use it.

So. Our Advent, it seems, is about the baby this year.

But I guess that’s as it should be, and maybe not as far off-track as I think. Advent is, after all, about preparing for a Baby…

4. Whatcha reading?

I have a review pile of books about a mile high and I’m working my way through two different books right now. And…I feel compelled to ask what YOU are reading, because…well, nothing’s really shakin’ in my reading life, ya know? I’ll finish the two I’m working on (one’s a middle grade and the other’s YA, so if I buckle down, it won’t be hard), and then I’m reading something *I* want to read. Got any suggestions? I’m leaning toward Neeta Lyffe, though I only have that electronically, and unless he lets me take ownership of his iPad for a long weekend, I will need something non-electronic too.

5. I love his iPod Touch.

In fact, I don’t know if he’ll get it back. I “borrowed” it while I was in the hospital with the baby, and I’ve kept it. In my defense, I “need” it! My life is now structured around apps that keep lists, remind me that the baby needs to eat (don’t judge me; it’s either an app or a notebook, because, no matter how “experienced” I am as a mom, the fact remains that I just will. not. remember. on my own.). I have been using Divine Office and iRosary and without them, I’m not sure what kind of prayer life I would (or, more likely, wouldn’t) have.

6. But it’s NOT for reading.

The two big faults of the iPod Touch, as I see them:

1. There is no arrow pad on any of the keyboard screens, so getting back to the word that you misspelled in the email reply is nearly impossible.

2. As an e-reader (at least, of PDFs), it gets a C. The screen is just too small for me. With non-PDF files, I am not nearly so annoyed. But when I get manuscripts, they’re usually in PDF or Word format, and…well…90% of the reason I want an e-reader has to do with manuscripts.

7. Because you KNOW you wanted this.

(And if you didn’t, just keep quiet about it.) 🙂

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