A Mary Moment Monday post

In all the years I have been enjoying the month of May, it’s been its designation as Mary’s Month that is my favorite.

There are a lot of reasons May is a great time to remember Our Blessed Mother Mary. There are lots of flowers blooming, and what kid doesn’t want to pick flowers to take to their mother? The weather’s better, and as we trounce around outdoors, it’s hard not to thank God, which is something Mary certainly approves of.

And, of course, there’s the chaos and craziness that comes with May this time of year. Back in my days of working in agriculture, it was planting time, which meant long working hours and high stress. Now that I have school-aged children in my life and my house, it means a different kind of stress.

There are school projects and fair projects, field trips and recitals, games and graduations. There are deadlines galore and the grass is practically leaping out of the earth, demanding to be mowed five minutes after you finish.

I’ve started to suspect that the real reason May is Mary’s month because every mom I know needs some divine help!

Who better than the Virgin Mary? She surely has an idea what “busy” is all about, and she’s going to lead me where I need to go and accompany with the juggling I have to do.

If I hold out my hand, I can almost feel hers grabbing mine. If I look a little closer, I think I see a smile. She chased a small boy once, after all. She tried to keep up with a group of people who didn’t stay put very often. She comforted the broken-hearted and rejoiced in the triumphs.

She still does. This month, hard as it will be, I hope you’ll join me in slowing down and smelling the flowers and maybe even enjoying a Hail Mary while you do.

This “Finding Faith in Everyday Life” column originally appeared in The Catholic Times