The success I’m looking for in life doesn’t have to do with a career ladder of competitive raises.  It’s much more important than that.  I’m trying to raise saints and struggling to be dedicated in my vocations of wife, mother, and woman.

In The Power of Respect, Deborah Norville didn’t tell me anything I haven’t already heard or share wisdom I didn’t already know.  But she reminded me and convinced me to move respect from a theory on the back burner of my priorities to the forefront of my mind…NOW.

Norville writes, not as a preachy poster child who knows it all, but as someone who has struggled through the pains and has found in the mud of the trenches.  Her insights are as applicable to me in my role as an employee as they are while I’m juggling the chaos of home and hearth.  Whether I’m dealing with strangers, colleagues, or family, The Power of Respect gave me an important prompting and tangible tactics to apply.

Better yet, The Power of Respect motivated me to pay closer attention to the example I set to those closest to me.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze book review program.  They don’t require a positive review (that’s just the kind of book it was) and I’m expressing my opinions only.