There’s nothing like a good party, wouldn’t you agree?

What I consider a good party has changed over the years–you might say my tastes have matured (or perhaps I’ve become more childlike…hard telling).

Today is the very best kind of party: one that celebrates a book, is continuing through the month, and includes a dear friend of mine, Lisa Schmidt from The Practicing Catholic. It also includes other dear friends of mine: Mama Mary and her Son, and we can’t forget all the other tour hosts.

We’ve been traveling through the rosary, and today’s mystery, the Wedding at Cana, is one that I simply love. When I pray it, I can’t help but think of that day, almost nine years ago, when I married my Prince Charming. He’s grayer now (so am I, come to think of it), and we have been through some things we never envisioned on that day in our little parish church.

Marriage, I must say, has been far better than I could have ever planned or imagined. That’s probably the best part of it.

 Our wedding feast was a good party too, and included fun of the sort that still makes me smile.

Join us over at The Practicing Catholic today as we reflect on the Wedding Feast at Cana.

And don’t forget:

A word on the rosary at the top

That cool rosary at the top and that I’m using over at every morning of the tour is one I purchased last year for a gift for someone very dear to me from Trendy Traditions.

I’m already plotting for other rosaries I want to give, and I must say: they are both practical (You can’t break them! No, REALLY!) and beautiful.

AND you can totally customize your rosary. Color of beads, medals, everything. Worth every penny you spend, I assure you!