By Victoria Q. DeBayle

There was one rosary that forever changed the way I pray the Rosary.

At the end of my freshman year of college, our Campus Minister announced that she would be leaving her post to follow a religious vocation.  As a parting gift, a member of the Catholic Student Association suggested that we record a rosary with the Campus Minister’s five favorite mysteries.

Five of us, including my friend D., gathered one afternoon to record the rosary.  As we prayed, I noticed that D. seemed to savor every word of the prayers and give them each a special meaning, especially the Hail Mary.  He said it like this,”…and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, (pause) Jesus.”

This stayed with me.  Whenever I had prayed that part before, “womb” ended up being the most emphasized word in the sentence.  D. said “Jesus” with so much emphasis and joy, as if He were at the center of it all.  And then it occurred to me: He is. 

The Hail Marys we repeat as we pray the rosary are not about Mary.  Mary isn’t about Mary.  Mary is the ultimate example of a human being who focused her life on Christ.  Mary is about Christ, and so is her prayer.  Mary takes us to Him, to Jesus.

I may not be the best at keeping Jesus as the focus of my life at all times, but since that day, it is He who holds all my attention when I pray the rosary.  The fruit of Mary’s womb…JESUS!

image credit: On This Day Designs

Victoria Q. DeBayle is a practicing lawyer and freelance writer for The Florida Catholic.  She is actively involved in her parish in Florida where she currently serves on the Leadership Team of the parish’s Young Adults Group.