I’ve noticed a trend in the last few weeks, and it involves the snooze bar on my alarm clock.

I’ve struggled with this before (even going so far as to make sport of it and weigh the pros and cons), but this time it feels like it needs addressed.

So, thought I, what better way to address it than with a monthly resolution?

What is a monthly resolution? Michelle explains:

Every month I look at where I need to focus my attention. Perhaps I’ve been procrastinating on certain chores. Perhaps I need to spend some extra time with one or more of the kids. Perhaps I’d like to try a new habit. New Month’s Resolutions are not grandiose plans to lose ten pounds or declutter the entire house or give up smoking (of course, I don’t smoke, but if I did, this would not be the venue in which I would give it up). New Month’s resolutions are short-term commitments; they are easily attained goals; they focus on what is needed right now, instead of what is best for a lifetime.

I’ll show that snooze bar who’s boss!  I’ll win the contest!  I’ll…

Wait a minute; if I’m not careful, I’m going to set myself up for failure!

So, this month, during the cold and bitter, the long nights and huddled mornings, I’m going to resist the urge to snuggle down and resort to Snooze Bar Tactics.  This is going to force me to consider the time I go to bed as well as the time I set my alarm.  It’s going to make me think about the end of my day as much as the beginning.

And that’s OK.  It’s a new month.  I’m up for the challenge.

(Oh, and there’s a lot that needs done in those early morning hours, did I mention that?)