When disturbing thoughts come into your mind, drive them away as temptations, for this is what they really are. Say to yourself at once: I am conceited, I am loaded with sins. I am a profaner to the temple (namely, my soul) which Jesus has entrusted to my care, I rebel against the divine inspirations, I am really wicked, yet this soil brings forth these fruits. If I have not lived well in the past I intend to live well in the future, with the divine assistance.

Then take your mind off these disturbing and tormenting thoughts, open your heart with boundless confidence to the only One who is able to console and save us. Have no fear for the future, for God is with you and he is supremely faithful and will not allow you to be overwhelmed by our enemy. This divine Lover will never allow a soul that is consecrated to him in a most particular way to remain a victim of the most implacable of all its enemies. No, no. The enemy will never obtain this victory.

Remember that your soul is in the arms of your divine Spouse, like a baby in its mother’s arms. You may sleep in peace, therefore, for this heavenly Spouse will guide you in the way which is to your greatest advantage.

– Saint Pio of Pietrelcina