Outside my window: Sun, glorious sun, with warm breezes and blue skies. The maples have leaves! When did that happen? (Probably while it was cold…)

Rambling thoughts: It’s a weird Monday. I had an off-site work meeting (kids in tow) this morning, and then I dropped off a protesting-that-we-were-just-going-home preschooler to Nanny’s house (and became Mommy of the Year, thank you very much) and came home with the napping toddler. Said toddler remained asleep (is only just waking up) and I have the bulletin 90% done. AND I have time to do a daybook post on a Monday afternoon. I’m LOVING this weird Monday!

In thanksgiving: For a change in the schedule. For brothers who help each other out. For little girls who pick every. single. tulip. and give them to Mommy as an anniversary present.

Kitchen meanderings: Due to some unforeseen weekend work, we didn’t eat any of the meals I had planned. So this week’s plan is all messed up (unless I just pitch that food that’s thawed and waiting in the fridge, which I won’t do), and is also a reminder that a whole month at a time, while an interesting concept, is probably not such a good idea. I think the lesson this week is one of flexibility in my plans.

Nose inserted: I’m trying to get back to A Whole New Mind, which I started a while back, put down, picked back up, and put back down. I’ve been researching some titles of Mary that have had me reading tons (with apologies for my killing of trees), though not books. Ah, well, there will be time for those books. Because, you know, there has to be. For my sanity! 🙂

Folded hands, bowed head: Researching all these titles of Mary over the last few months has really renewed my motivation to pray for our world. It seems too…well, too naive to pray for the world. Somehow it reminds me of when I was a little girl and I thought my prayers mattered. But you know what? They still do! God still hears them! (If only I still say them…hmm…) So I’ve been revisiting some of the larger intentions in my list, along with a couple that are close to my heart, oh so close to my heart.

In my ears: I’m catching up on podcasts today. And while I was tooling along, feeling like I was sipping my tea right there with Danielle Bean, Lisa Hendey, and Rebecca Teti during their latest episode of the Faith & Family LiveCast, I heard my name. Right there. Are there two Sarah Reinhards? thought I. No, replied I, that’s ME she’s referring to. Then I dropped the iPod and (you don’t need to know that I had a coughing, sobbing moment — sort of embarrassing) promptly listened again to all that I missed.

Around the house: Wind wooshing around the house, wasps whispering to each other (though they have been warned), sun shining outside, toddler waking up nicely (playing in her crib while Mommy finishes blog post — an excellent child is she), an hour of reading looking possible…

A favorite thing: My iPod, link to the world, and the new poetry podcasts I’ve found, especially the ones sponsored by the Poetry Foundation.

For the rest of the week: I’m not sure. Oh, I have a plan. But the plan seems to already be muddled, though that’s probably more my feeling than the actual reality. So I am going to keep singing my Divine Mercy Chaplet every morning on my way to work and keep practicing flexibility in my schedule (and praying for the grace to keep smiling through that Flexibility Training Program).

Food for thought: From the combox of last Wednesday’s photo post: “Ahh, little children’s toes. An even surer sign of spring than daffodils.”

Worth a thousand words (and just how I feel about this fabulous weather too!):