This is the sort of story that, in my mind, begins with a deep voice intoning, “Once upon a time…” as you snuggle down against the pillow and prepare for Adventures of the best sort. It is the sort of story that I have never really had to tell, but which I am going to tell here, now, because I’ve been here now for a year, and some of you have noticed (without my ever pointing it out!) that my blog is “snoring scholar” in the address, but named something different. Why is that?

Snuggle back against the pillow, my friend. Imagine a deep voice soothing you to sleep. Because it was sleep that inspired the name…the deep slumber of my Prince Charming on the couch one night, when I was blogging at my very first blog (a family affair, over at xanga). As I was blogging and writing to my dear Aunt Skyefinder, I played a game we play together – I Named my husband the “Snoring Scholar,” to which my aunt replied (the next day in her reply to me), “Wouldn’t that be a great name for a blog?” Well yes, indeed.

I don’t snore. At least, I can’t hear myself snore. Someone in this house, who shall remain nameless, insists that sometimes I do. I insist that someone should perhaps listen to a recording of their sleeping.

Nevertheless, my own lack of snoring did not stop me from starting a “Snoring Scholar” blog, which I didn’t really use. It was just over a year ago, after becoming hopelessly addicted to Happy Catholic, Rosetta Stone, and SFO Mom, that I started trying my hand at it. I used what I already had, though I renamed it what I thought was a more appropriate title, “just another day of Catholic pondering.”

(In answer to other questions no one’s asked, I do only intend the word Catholic to be caps, though there’s a bit of wordplay in the word catholic as the Church and as universal (so I don’t just focus on Church, but also on humanity and my corner of the world.))

I thought no one would really notice the “snoring scholar” part of things. I considered redoing the address but had already dug in, and I continue to enjoy the thought that I am always hat-tipping my own Snoring Scholar with my writing and my pursuits here, in this space.

I’ve always fancied myself a scholar, though it is just a fancy. I read a lot, and I like to learn and study and dig in to research. I can’t get away from weighing homeschooling, and maybe it’s because I just want to go through school again, in a way I can build it to be so far beyond what’s offered for little scholars now. And, since I find myself so often overextended, so often tired, the snoring, as applied to the “scholar” in my case, is a bit of truth.

So that’s how I came to be here as the “snoring scholar.” No masks, no mystery, just a corn-fed farm girl with a laptop and an idea that went a little wacky.