Outside my window: Sun! Glorious sun! I’ll ignore the (freezing, biting, winter) cold for a moment and focus instead on the sun!

Rambling thoughts: If the sleeper-inner becomes an early riser and then shows an affinity toward middle-of-the-night waking-and-staying-up, is it wrong to not question why Tylenol works but rather question why you didn’t think of it the first night of the antics?

In thanksgiving: For Tylenol. And long Sundays of binge reading and relaxing.

Kitchen meanderings: Oops. One of the things I didn’t get done yesterday was my menu planning. We’re having something quick tonight and I’ll menu plan this afternoon. No, it’s not an ideal approach, but it’s worth it for the day we had yesterday!

Nose inserted: Last week, I got my copy of Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, by Karina Fabian. I read most of it over the weekend…and I might just reread it before I review it (I’m enjoying it that much!). Karina’s stopping by next week for an interview here, and I am going to interview Vern later in the month too (I’m so excited!!!). Meanwhile, I’m still reading all the other books on my list, but, admittedly, none of them are as fun as MM&M. 🙂 The Glories of Mary, though, is fabulous. I’m trying not to whip through it, because I don’t want to miss the savor of it.

Folded hands, bowed head: Have you seen this website? Well, I’ve been meaning to mention it, and since it has to do with prayer and conversion, and since I keep forgetting, I’ll mention it here and let you go explore.

In my ears: I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, and that’s a good thing. Today, though, I’m hungry for some Sarah Bauer. So I think I’ll be listening to Radiance today. It makes me smile just to think about it. 🙂

Around the house: Four-year-old is eating apples and a ho-ho, drinking chocolate milk, and watching Arthur. Toddler is still sleeping (cause for celebration). The fire is churning along, and I’m two minutes overdue on getting offline…but I must finish this post, yes? 🙂

A favorite thing: Paperback Swap. Need I say more?

For the rest of the week: Menu planning, a trip to Goodwill to dump some stuff, toddler is now old enough to go to story time at the library (pause while I reflect on that statement), a new month and failed resolutions, basking in the sunshine, and hoping for daffodils (the ones in town are blooming their happy yellow heads off; mine are at least a week — maybe two! — from blooming).

Worth a thousand words: Zoo Fun