~ 1 ~

I’m back in Ohio this week and enjoying the sun here. It’s not quite the warm we’re used to from our nice long visit to New Orleans, but hanging the laundry on the line, and then taking it down and folding it, and then doing it again…ah, I love spring. I feel reflections brewing inside me.

~ 2 ~

So, funny thing…while I was in New Orleans, I had pretty much no problem with my nausea. Was it because my mother-in-law let me sleep in embarrassingly late? Was it because I ate breakfasts that were far different than what I eat at home (pancakes, French toast, eggs)? Was it just the different setting?

Ah, I wish I knew. I’m back to hugging the toilet and trying to think positive thoughts of holding a downy-haired newborn, smelling the little feet, holding the little body against me.

One particular experience last night gave me a lot of food for thought in terms of uniting myself with the Cross. And I decided it’s highly overrated.

Or maybe what I realized is that it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I realize that every single time I try to offer up my sufferings.

Any advice from ye wiser than me?

~ 3 ~

My sister-in-law introduced me to this Crazy Frog video during a late night computer fest. We laughed so hard that there might have been some bladder failure. (For me, not her.)

~ 4 ~

You know, I’ve never spent much time on YouTube. That might change, because my kids are asking for it. I ended up sharing my computer with them a bit during our trip (mistake #1), and now I not only have the Ladybug Picnic on a permanent loop in my head, I also have a five-year-old asking for PBS Kids whenever she sees me on the computer.

~ 5 ~

My husband is the one who’s always been the YouTube surfer. He’s the one who dug up all the old Sesame Street stuff a few years ago when our oldest was born. Talk about memory lane: how about the Alligator King? Or Number 9 Cutie?

~ 6 ~

Recently, a friend emailed me a forward that was an anonymous person’s account of why they felt the thousands of dollars they had spent on horses through the years was worthwhile. I hate that it was an anonymous forward, because I nodded my way through it, and even had tears in my eyes at the end. Among the advantages listed were planning ahead, having compassion, independent learning, increased self-esteem, and understanding the value of money.

When I look at what she has learned and what it will help her become, I can honestly say that I haven’t “wasted” a penny on providing her with horses. I only wish that all children had the same opportunities to learn these lessons from horses before setting out on the road to adulthood.

In the two years we’ve been involved with riding — more this year since our five-year-old started taking actual lessons — I’ve seen all of these and more.

But, really, for me, the payoff is the big smile.

And the lingering smell of horse.

~ 7 ~

Registration is now open for the Catholic New Media Celebration. Are you going? Will I see you there?

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