Once upon a time, there was a little girl with tangly hair. Her mother brushed it, but it always hurt.

That little girl grew up and had children of her own. Wouldn’t you just know: one of her kids had tangly hair.

When she discovered conditioner, she realized that with enough detangler and conditioner, the screaming was not so ear-shattering as before.

I’m not fooling anyone, am I? It’s my daughter who’s taken after me. My hair now is cut so that it doesn’t tangle, back when it was long…nightmare. I found out, when I broke my arm a few years ago, that my husband has quite a talent for gently brushing highly tangled hair.

Unfortunately, I am the one who’s often brushing the Tangled Hair Kid’s hair.

There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

So when I heard there was a chance to review some Dove conditioner that’s supposed to have magical properties and smell nice too, I thought, “Why not?”

I also thought, “What difference can it make?” and “I’m sure I’ll think of something nice to say.”

We are fans of Dove, in general, and we approve of their marketing. Real people and all that.

I was in no way prepared to actually want to convince you to get out of your chair, leave your house, and go buy some of this Magic Dove Conditioner for yourself.

And really, you don’t have to. I, however, will be buying more of it. Probably by the cartful.

I could feel the difference in my own hair, but I have about a thousand layers and there’s no tangling my hair at this point. But my seven-year-old’s hair is a much more tangled and tear-inspiring story.

She’s old enough now to appreciate any conditioner for being helpful and when I told her we were trying out something I was going to write about, she was all for it.

We’ve used it about four or five times since we received it, and each time, it measurably helps her hair to be smoother and untangly. (The Dove people are smacking their heads as they read this non-marketing language, I’m sure.)

She has super-fine, super-straight hair, and she’s trying to grow it long. That part right at the nape of her head usually gets some special attention from my scissors about once a week.

But not lately. Maybe (breath held, fingers crossed) not ever again!

Since we’ve used this Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner, brushing her hair has required neither scissors nor many tears (as long as we are washing her hair a couple of times a week), even the next morning (evening baths around here).

You can go over to DoveHair.com and learn all about the super-duper products in the Nourishing Oil Care line, and I recommend them highly, especially if you have a Tangly Hair Battle in your house.

I leave you with this question (and an offer for a sweepstakes and a coupon below): 

What’s your trick for tangles? 

C’mon, you know you want to tell me!!!

And besides, there’s a whole herd of horses that ALSO need to know:

(This is the state my bathroom sink was in when I just popped in to take that picture above of the conditioner.)

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