This week during the online retreat, we are reflecting on temptation. And as I have been pondering on that, it’s been a tough week. There has been much internal drama (which is better than external, I have decided, though no less harrowing at times). I have more to say about temptation in my life, but this little whatever-you-want-to-call-it is something I wrote a few months ago, and I don’t consider it “done,” though I’m sharing it here. This is just the way the thoughts came out at the time, and they reflect, to a certain extent, how things have been going this week.

The temptation is
to quit
to run away
toss in the towel
the lure of a lighter load
the promise of less pain, stress
the illusion of something for nothing

with a burden this heavy, I can’t go on
Can I?
when despair’s the halogen bulb, I can’t stick with it
Can I?
those prayers are wasted and I just can’t do it
Can I?

But then
God sent me a call, straight from his inner circle, out of the blue.