1. Julie says so. Over and over and over (and in emails in case you missed it on her blog).

2. It’s nice and thick, and since you’ve already delighted in a different book by the same author, you know that means digging in and getting comfortable.

3. Two quotables in the Prologue alone.

  • Something happened to people’s minds when man learned to build offices higher than spires.
  • “A vocation is a gift,” said Dame Ursula. “If it has been truly given to you, you will find the strength.”

So pardon me if blogging is light, but I have this 638 page treat beckoning me away…

(Upon reading that last sentence, there is no doubt that The Husband will respond by first snorting, then laughing, then rolling on the floor. I’m sure he has every confidence in my ability to multi-task blogging and reading. And, he might add, I have my priorities. Blogging might be the only thing to get my nose out of a book…)

(Well, no, that’s not true. The poopy diapers. Those get my nose out of the books. Pronto-like.)