I could come up with seven things to talk about for this week’s Quick Takes post, but thought I would, instead, share seven tweets from this week with you. (You’ll find more of these at my Twitter account.  Sometimes, they post on Facebook as well.  But sometimes they don’t.  (Technical difficulties be gone!))

2yo’s morning project was putting all the change she could find into the dog cage. Wonder what they’re planning to buy?

The question is not “Why is there a book in this boot?!” The question is, “Why am I surprised?”

Dear God, I know I didn’t pray for patience, but thanks for sending me some anyway.

I broke the 11th commandment today (thou shalt not turn off alarm without sitting up in bed first), and I am already paying the price.

On the one hand, Spring = Yay! On the other, Spring = fly strips, STAT!

The Barbie Jeep seems harmless…until the 2yo is driving.

Sometimes, thanks to the blessings of everyday life, I get a small glimpse at how much God loves me…and I am humbled.

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