So it would figure (and I’m glad it did) that after I posted about our Medicine War that our Miss Muffet has changed tactics. Now the tactic is to be quite amenable to taking the medicine. (Granted, we’ve done a little bribing and even pulled the Grandma Card.*) I am not even asking myself what her overall strategy is with this new tactic. I don’t care. She’s taking her medicine, and I’ll take the blessings as they come.

That said, keep the suggestions coming. My personal favorite was the pin-em-down-and-shoot-for-the-cheek technique…but maybe it’s because I’m in Battle Mode. 🙂

*The Grandma Card involves going to Grandma’s House and leaving. Grandma will then employ unmentionable bribery tactics, which you will gasp to hear – things you would have never considered as a parent, but which you find yourself filing away for when you have grandkids of your own.