Bobbing for ice cubes in ginger ale

Peeking at the guy across the aisle while the plane waits for 20 minutes for a gate after landing

Coloring, coloring, coloring

Painting the window with chocolate handprints

Shoes on, shoes off

Reading the in-flight magazine (but no ordering, thank you very much)

Peeking at the lady behind us periodically

Shrieking at an octave no human can comfortably bear, just to see if everyone is awake

Falling asleep on Mommy’s lap, a small package that won’t be that way much longer

Dropping markers on the floor and laughing delightedly as parents dislodge limbs to get them

Shades up, shades down, shades up, shades down, shades up, shades down

Enjoying the fine cuisine of Goldfish and lollipops and Hershey’s kisses and Goldfish

Charming the unsuspecting flight attendants with smiles and good behavior