Floaters in the toilet that you later recognize as…well, never mind!

Poopy in the pants that, when you take off said pants, smears under someone’s chubby feet all over a friend’s bathroom floor.

Running out of wipes while out visitin’. You know, because you thought someone was pretty much potty-trained.

That unidentified glob that came out of her nose onto her finger and then went straight into her mouth.

The dog, who eats dead things out of the yard, up on the table. (But, thankfully, not using the table as his potty, like he was a few months ago!)

The bugs, out of their slow-moving hibernating state, taking over the house, and the shrieking of an unnamed two-year-old family member every time she sees a “SPIDER!” (Spider is defined as anything that is a bug. No idea where she learned that reaction!)

The crust underneath the lid of the toilet, which has been sadly neglected since I started my first trimester sleeping exercises.

**To be continued…because how can a list like this be complete?!