The first stop on the Book Tour train today:

Michelle at This Little Light is part of the Book Tour today, and she says my book is wicked awesome. She even made a graphic. Enjoy it with me, wouldja?

(go ahead, click to enlarge: it's worth it)

Aside from winning my heart with the cool graphic, Michelle also points out a challenge I think many of us face:

Years have passed since my introduction to parenting, and I’ve gained some knowledge—and my composure. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore, but boy, I still need a good hand-holding from time to time. My biggest issue lately:

putting the chores aside

and just having fun with my 42-pound bundle of joy. I get too caught up in the to-do list and the housekeeping and the busyness of life. And that’s where the lovely Sarah Reinhard AND her “manual” come in.

I found myself nodding along and then I remembered that she was talking about MY BOOK.

It’s a book *I* need too, folks. One that I’ll be relying on heavily this summer. Don’t get the impression AT ALL that just because I’ve written the book I’m struggling any less than you, because I’m NOT. (Do the caps help emphasize that? HUH? DO THEY? CUZ IT’S TRUE!)

Go on over and read all of Michelle’s review, if only to see that graphic up close and to enjoy the beauty that is her blog design.

Also on the Book Tour today:

The lovely Ellen Gable Hrkach highlights my “unique humor” in her review at Plot Line and Sinker:

Sarah Reinhard is no stranger to fun. Anyone who reads her columns, blog posts, Tweets or Facebook messages, knows what a wonderful sense of humor she has and what a great writer she is. She has taken two of her strongest talents and made them into a book on how families can have more fun together, not only fun, but fun with a Catholic twist.

Thanks, Ellen. I’m cueing some maniacal laughter as I type…