My grandma’s been off visiting her sister in upstate New York, and we talked on the phone the other day.

When she told me she had read my blog, there was a thunk as I fell out of my chair.

Turns out, her sister and brother-in-law (my great-aunt and great-uncle, if you’re keeping track of the family tree) are logging her onto the computer.

Then she told me about how they had lunch with some girlhood friends of her sister’s, one of whom is Catholic and…get this!…has heard of me.

Let’s all pause for a good laugh, shall we?

Now, to encourage you to laugh more–it has tremendous health benefits, after all, and hey, it’s fun–here’s a look at my life of late. (These pictures are also to answer all of Grandma’s questions about the kids, who she misses a lot.)

This is the mancub, 13 months old and into everything. He is all boy.

Yes, he is walking now. And climbing. He especially likes stools. And the couch. And the recliner.

He is also a big fan fan of rocking.

The seven-year-old loves reading and math. She hates–with a passion–the reports she has to do about the books she reads for school.

I realized, when I compiled our photo calendar for this year, that I need to take more pictures of the seven-year-old.

Which is how I captured this moment:

And no post would be complete without the four-year-old, whose quirkiness and personality make us laugh hourly (and inspire hair-pulling episodes with equal frequency).

She likes to help. That makes her a good big sister, as you can see:

So there you go, Grandma, a post just for you! (And one that the other grandmas are all enjoying, too!)