Christi sent me a link to check out this book, My Mother, My Strength, edited by her sister. (If that link doesn’t work, try this one, and then select the book from the list.) It is a small collection of personal narratives written by children of all ages expressing the inspirations they get from their mothers.

Chrisi included an email from her sister, Maria. Maria writes:

The authors are not professional writers. Instead, they are regular people of all ages, from a sweet 9-year-old’s praises for her mother because she takes care of boo-boos, to a hip twenty-something who reminisces about his rebellious years, to an older woman who struggled with the last days of her mother’s life, tenderly caring for her in her final hours.
It celebrates birth mothers, adoptive mothers, and mother figures.
The beauty of this collection is that all the authors have waived royalties in order to give the proceeds to the Refuge Pregnancy Center, a community center that serves pregnant women and mothers in a supportive environment to foster good parenting and more often than not, save unborn children and their mothers from the horrors of abortion.