1. Must visit with a mom friend. She’s coming over at lunchtime…with her four princesses. We can’t wait.

2. Must drink lots of tea and clear liquids. Sinuses are trying to take over, ganging up with the just-immunized Toddlerina and the woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed almost-four-year-old.

3. Must compile Catholic Carnival. Lots of good posts…no motivation this morning. Good thing I have all day. (Hope expectations aren’t too high this week!)

4. Must put away basket of laundry, reputation notwithstanding.

5. Must flesh out resolutions. That whole “here comes the New Year” thing.

6. Must bake brownies and cake (pink, of course) for the birthday that’s coming up.

7. Must stop basking from this. In a minute. It’s nice to have my day made so early. 🙂 (Thanks, Julie!)