Every week, I debate whether I’m going to actually do a Quick Takes post. And usually, whether or not I can think of a theme (which is what my obsessive-organized brain prefers, much like Simcha), I decide that it’s a great holding ground for the odds and ends that are floating through my mind and life.

It’s also a writing exercise of sorts for me. So. There you go. You’re probably stuck with them from me (but you can ignore them, right?).


I’m hosting an online Tupperware party. Next week, I’m going to share my favorite Tupperware products (I just wasn’t organized enough to pull it off this week). My Tupperware consultant is a fabulous Catholic mom who sent out an email recently asking customers to host a party, which came right at the time that I was trying to figure out where in the world all my straw cups were. They seem to evaporate. (Yes, I’ve checked under the seats in every vehicle, under every piece of furniture in everyone’s house I know, and in most of the garbage cans.)

In the event that you’re interested in getting some holiday shopping done (Tupperware makes a great gift and there are some amazing deals right now), stocking up on kitchen essentials before the holiday baking season, or just need a few things (straw cups anyone?), jump on in! (That link is the one that connects with my party, the way I understand it.)

I plan to use any free products I earn for either giveaways here on the blog or at CatholicMom.com. So you will be supporting three great habits of mine causes.


In case you missed it yesterday, we have a Dog Drama Addendum:

Yes, that’s right: Pita the Cattle Dog BIT THROUGH MY TIRE. My very expensive (highly cool) run-flat tire. I may be laughing about it, but I will admit that I was considering taking the old tire home with me from the dealer and smashing her with it.

Since the facts speak for themselves in this, let’s move on and talk about something more pleasant and less stressful…


…like the GREAT, WONDERFUL, PHENOMENAL giveaway that’s going on at CatholicMom.com this month. We pulled together 53 different titles (and an amazing 62 books total to give away!) for the Back to School with Catholic Nonfiction Giveaway.

The thing is, you can only win one of these fabulous titles if you enter. So get over there. Enter. (Only once per person, please.)


I have been mulling over senescence ever since I heard it described in glorious detail on a recent episode of Distillations. In fact, I want to write about it. I can’t explain this, except that the air’s getting cooler, the leaves are changing (in full senescence, as it were), and my mind has moments of racing along when I’m in the middle of something else.


Simcha’s going to start a bloggy-linky thing with search terms. I usually spend Mondays reflecting on Mary, so why not share some of the hilarious and/or surprising search terms now?

From this week’s stats, things that surprised me, amused me, or touched me:

sarah reinhert


dragging my feet

appreciate wife

southern woman

running for the school bus

woman 52 out of sorts

strong fathers strong daughters

catholic kitchens for wives

I’m glad people can find my blog by spelling my name how it sounds…and I leave comment off of the others. Because, well, they sort of speak for themselves, don’tcha think?


I posted this on Twitter last night, but I want to put it here too for posterity and as a reminder to myself. It’s a prayer that I’m pretty sure I need to engrave on the wall in front of my computer, my coffeepot, and my alarm clock. My sister-in-law read it out as she was looking over her Facebook feed yesterday afternoon, and it has stuck with me. Hope you enjoy it too!

Dear Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulders (and your hand over my mouth).

Visit Jen at the newly redesigned and quite lovely-to-behold Conversion Diary for more in the Quick Takes genre. You’ll find a little bit of everything over there, which is at least part of the reason it’s an addicting read for me.