Last night, after our nightly bathing-with-hot-water adventure at someone else’s house, when I pulled in the driveway – having spied some lights in what looked like the vicinity of our property, having harbored a small seed of hope as I drove down the dark side roads home (the main way we come home still has a line down), having had that hope confirmed to be a puff of smoke – I noticed that there were lights in the vicinity of our property…across the street! Rather than being put off that they had electricity and we did not, I noticed instead the reason for the dogs’ barking – the flashing orange lights of what appeared to be a truck from the electric company.

Though our electricity wasn’t restored last night – and isn’t on this morning – I now feel justifiably optimistic that the 12 day forecast I heard yesterday doesn’t apply to me. The workers last night couldn’t see the line down a mile or so south. Bob said they would have sent a sensor down and some other he’s-an-engineer-who-knows-these-things facts of much interest.

Our Camping-in-Our-Own-House Adventure has given me some interesting perspective on quite a few things. During my Adoration hour last night, in the stillness, I was reminded of when I broke my arm and had to ask for help. I was reminded of how humility is the virtue I continue to need help attaining.

All the same, I’ll be glad when I can discuss this Adventure in the past tense!