You might think I was under the couch for some admirable reason, such as cleaning. Wrong! (But thanks for thinking so highly of me!) You might think that, with a Big Game on tonight, I was straightening things up a bit. (Wrong! It’s Homework Sunday, and no one’s coming over. It’s a good thought, though.) You might think that I was working on reducing my time in Purgatory by facing the Fear of Under-the-Couch. (Well, that’s a bit extreme, but this might be closer to the truth.)

Really, I was just looking for a Goldfish bowl that turned up by the piano in the other room twelve hours later.

But now I have the answer to the ongoing question “Where in the world could ___ be?!” The first place to look, from now on, will be under the couch.

Among the debris:

  • 1 red shoe
  • 2 washable crayons, ends chewed off (by the dog or the toddler, we don’t want to know)
  • 1 blanket (yes, a complete blanket!)
  • 1 rawhide bone, brand-new (why do we bother giving them to him?)
  • 1 doll diaper
  • 57-cents
  • 32 unidentified dust-bunnies (which is the nice way to say I really need to clean under there)

I should add that I also checked under the bed this weekend. It was scary. Our dog is epileptic (hmm, now THAT should be a topic for posting, what do you think?), and he had some fits under there, or something…and with the cold, the gross stuff froze, or at least got solid fast so that I didn’t have the smell test warning and…well, yes, I really need to clean more often, don’t I?

So now that litany of humility for bloggers in this season of blog award nominations has a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

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