Jesus said,
“Your sins are forgiven;
rise and walk.”
Forgiveness is an unlocked door
to walk through
into a wide-whoopee-open world.
Forgiveness is a seed
to water with new dreams and wild risks
until it bears unexpected fruit.
Forgiveness is an enemy-friend
to be born out of,
a quietness beneath the clamor.
Forgiveness is a flower to smell,
a wind at my back,
a gull to scream with,
a pain to laugh beneath,
a burden that carries me.
It is becoming We
becoming Yours.
Forgiveness is a song to sing.
O Lord, unlock the door of my heart.

Loder, Ted Guerrillas of Grace (San Diego, CA: LuraMedia, 1984) p.55
From the
prayers section of week 8 of the online retreat I’m doing