Lisa Hendey and I are giving two talks at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, and we need your help.

One of the goals of this talk is to share with the participants specific feedback from the faithful in the pews on ways in which Catholic parishes can support and sustain families in their Domestic Churches. We are going to look at five specific areas:

  1. Worship (Mass, the Eucharist, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament)
  2. Sacramental Preparation
  3. Religious Education (not specifically related to sacrament prep, but rather broader education, including things like preschool, whole family catechesis, bible study, etc.)
  4. Ministries (within and outside of the parish)
  5. “Miscellaneous” (including social, administrative and communications initiatives)

Lisa had this great idea to break down our “needs” into a series of topics that we could blog about and discuss.

Up now: worship.


What you would ask of your pastor if he asked you, “What do you want from your parish in the arena of worship? How can we serve your family and draw you into a more fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church?

Please include your comments here or feel free to email me at And if you’d really like our unending gratitude, record a one-minute video answering this question and email it to me. In order for our talk to be a good resource for those attending, your feedback is essential and greatly appreciated!