Outside my window: Cold and white with cold on top. It’s pretty, I give it that.

Around the house: They’re in the bathroom doing something with toothbrushes and giggles.

What I’ve been writing: The latest is a reflection on some reading I did for the Catholic Spiritual Direction Book Club – Saint Francis de Sales meets C.S. Lewis meets a big “WHAAA?” from me.

In my kitchen: There’s stew in the crockpot and coffee in the pot. Life is good.

In my thoughts: I have infertility very much on my heart right now (inspired in part by this series at CatholicMom.com from last week, and in part from the many women who have touched my life). And I’m also very much noodling what it means to be a celibate gay Catholic, based on the advance copy of Eve Tushnet‘s book that has my imagination and my heart.

In my plans: A quickie errand, some more frothy topped coffee, a bunch of work, some board games, laundry, jamming some music, keeping the kids busy enough that they don’t fight much…

In thanksgiving: For the beauty around me.

In my prayers: Some special brothers in Christ who have become dear to me. Women who are impacted by human trafficking (pray along with us at CatholicMom.com).

Nose inserted: Eve Tushnet‘s forthcoming book.

Recent reads: See my Book Talk today at CatholicMom.com (link goes live at noon ET).

A favorite thing: Instagram.

Food for thought: “…one should always remember that poison enters the soul by the ears, as it enters the body by the mouth.” – St. Francis de Sales

Worth a thousand words: My guys a-tractorin.

boys atractorin