A friend told me, the other day, that the way I approach things is as though I am trying to solve world hunger. Alone.

She’s right.

I’m just not sure if it’s helpful to have it explained that way. 🙂


It rained this week. I should be rejoicing – we’re in the middle of the drought – but the thing that really came to mind was what a pain it is to have rain and little kids and a destination in mind and a temperature less than 75 degrees.


I started reading Anne Rice’s spiritual memoir, Called Out of Darkness. Usually, I find conversion stories and things of this sort completely irresistible. And I also hate putting a book down unfinished even more than I hate not having my icons lined up just so on my computer screen. However, I’m about 100 pages in, and it has about another 50 before I’m giving up for one of the other books on my library pile (or the to-read shelf ).


Last Friday, my friend Heather took some amazing pictures of my family. (On Wednesday I posted one she had emailed me.) On Monday, Babs had, among her preschool craft projects and other things they manage to send home, her proof page from Picture Day. It’s a little different than how I remember school pictures…


My husband, with my parish job description: “You digest what’s going on and then re-delegate to others.”

(My mental response: Doesn’t everyone?)


I miss Poetry Friday. I think, tomorrow, before I blog around and fight off the early morning “blah” before I work, I’m going to do a Poetry Friday post. It will be sort of like bloggy-chocolate, I think.


I’m battling depression lately. It’s really nothing too serious, and I’ve been blaming the weather, because it seems to be highly linked to the time change and the shorter days. I’ve also been keeping quiet about it because, well, this is a happy place in cyberspace and, really, there’s a little line that I don’t like to cross called “things you really probably don’t care about and that I just need to deal with, not blog about.” I’m crossing it now just to say that prayers are appreciated.