Hiatus is defined, according to dictionary.com, as “a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.” And that’s just what I’ve been doing…breaking and interrupting. I’ve been breaking my sleep habits and making new ones; breaking in to the life as mom of two; breaking the dog of the urge to come crashing into the house at every given moment. There have been interruptions galore: interruptions for portraits (thanks, Heather!); interruptions for moving in to the newly remodeled side of the house; interruptions for organizing the newly allocated office space.

I’ve been breaking myself of the urge to wear pajamas all day (because, really, I feel like more of a human after a hot shower and when I have shoes – real live shoes! – on my feet), even as I interrupt myself to nurse a narcoleptic-turned-suddenly-awake-just-as-Mommy-gets-close-to-the-bathroom baby. I have found myself trying to figure out what the schedule will be like when I get back to work, and fielding advice from dear, well-meaning friends suggesting that, perhaps, it’s time to look for a sitter. (Yes, maybe it is. Or maybe it’s time to reconsider the work situation, because the reason I work here is the bring-kids-to-work atmosphere…)

There has been a lot of change around here: our new baby and Prince Charming’s new job (18 years since his last new job!). Either of those would probably qualify us for hiatus status, but both of them together, with remodeling and Daylight Insanity Time thrown in as sprinkles on top…well, who doesn’t need a hiatus?

The reason I haven’t been online, though, isn’t really anything to do with the breaking and interrupting of my hiatus. No, it’s much simpler. I was offline because my laptop was in the office space, and the office space was…*deep breath*…unorganized. Full of clutter in such piles and force that I couldn’t go close without the obsessive need to stop everything (except nursing – I might be crazy but not that crazy) and impose order. So I was telling myself there was no getting the laptop and escaping the state of the office space…there was only completing the steps necessary to organize it (which involved a couple of other projects, such as organizing the new bedroom and the living room, first).

There are still boxes in here with me. But they’re not my problem. They’re his problem. (He has to go through them to tell me what gets given away and what gets kept.). I have blessed them as a part of the space for now.

So here I am, dear friends, back to blogging (which, at this point, involves some quality time with Google Reader before the next regularly scheduled feeding and then the bedtime that must follow for me to get).