This morning, I went out to water my new landscaping. (Just a few short weeks ago, my brother-in-law surprised me by coming and tearing out the mess that was my back garden, and replacing it with beautiful landscaping.) This morning, as I was watering the wilting plants, I noticed the weeds popping up through the mulch. Oh, the dratted things! One here, one there, another one over yonder, and yet another little green poke. I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing at them all, obsessively and compulsively removing their happy little shoots from the brown expanse of mulch, knowing that they will be back, oh yes.

Just last week, I went to confession. What a way to clear the weeds out! And now, as I look at the garden of my soul, I see little green shoots popping up through the mulch. The resentment, the frustration, the bitterness – they’re all there, firmly rooted in me and waiting for a little sprinkling of rain and possibly a shot of fertilizer.

My garden and my soul – at least I won’t be bored anytime soon!