I’m home. And it is SO GOOD to be home!

It’s been quite a week: 1,015 miles to the Catholic Marketing Network show and the Catholic Writers Conference Live and hundreds of hugs, pictures, and memories.

I have pictures to share, but I also have the “from the floor” experiences chronicled, a bit, at the Catholic Writers Guild blog this week. I plan to write more about it next week (because there just wasn’t time to live blog all that I wanted to capture and share).

I met so many great people, got so many wonderful ideas, and, best of all, had a road trip with a niece who is every bit as awesome as everyone thought she was. I think, in fact, that she’s my new road trip companion (not that I expect a whole lot of these road trips in my life, what with home life being what it is and should be).

At CatholicMom.com, we kicked off a contest that YOU WILL WANT TO ENTER. There are 59 items and it’s only lasting through August 15. (Bet you know why I chose that date, too, don’t you?)

Now, I have to go clean up the mess known as “the stuff I should have been doing but didn’t” (like an interview with the incredible Brandon Vogt! whose new book is WORTH YOUR TIME! which I failed to schedule and thus failed to share!) and enjoy the interactions with my girls, who, Daddy says, earned some BIG PRIZES for their excellent behavior while I was gone this week.