Cuz all I got is this, the kid who will smile for the other kids at the drop of a hat, but for whom I can stand on my head and not get a smile:

whatever, mom -

And yes, this is meaningful, no doubt about it. At least, it’s meaningful to me. And maybe it’s good to remind myself (and you, dear reader) what I’m here to do first and foremost, especially on the first day of summer break whenI’malreadyreadyforschooltostartagain.

I have at least 100 good ideas that may or may not find themselves expressed here in the coming days. And I’ve read a bit. And and and.

There’s life happening here, there, everywhere. And somehow, finally, I am enjoying this baby more and differently than the others before him.

(Also, I’m older. And feeling older.)

So, with that, hello and goodbye and thanks for bearing with my blogging break. 🙂

If I may direct your attention, my newest book, which is really a compilation of awesomeness and not so much my writing, is available for preorder. Also, it has a cover I shall never grow tired of gazing upon:

cover-Word by Word Slowing Down with the Hail Mary

And finally, for those of you who have stuck with me through this…thank you. 🙂