It’s that time of year when the leaves are brilliant, the corn is harvested, and the car is frosty. The clothes in our closets are mostly inappropriate, and the closet itself is awaiting the Clothes Swap Extravaganza.

There’s something else in the closet too.

In the wee hours of the night, Hubby woke up and turned on the closet light. Something stirred me in his moving around, and I sat up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s something digging in the closet.”

He left the closet light on for most of the night – it was off when I got up this morning, but I’m guessing the Critter didn’t do that. I went back to sleep, disturbed by dreams of Critters in my closet.

Just what could it be? And why does it think that my closet is an ideal place for it to be? How soon will we find it, or how soon will it get through?

I can’t help but look inward, then, and wonder about the Things in my soul, sneaking out of sight when I turn on the light of examination. They’re just under the floorboards, rattling away in the dark. It’s too easy to dismiss them as unimportant, inconsequential, silly little Things. But, like Thing One and Thing Two, the Things in my soul can wreak havoc if they get out into the big room.

As my husband said last night, “That critter doesn’t know we have a dog.” The Jack Russell Terror knows something’s up in our closet, although he doesn’t have it all figured out, because we keep our bedroom door closed much of the time. He hasn’t started his obsessive digging and clawing to rid us of the Critter (and we’re glad for that).

The Things in my soul don’t know about the Protector I keep there, or maybe they just don’t care. I think their sender knows, but doubts whether I keep that Dawg inside all the time. I have to remind myself to nurture my Protector and my Strength. I need to keep a steady diet of Scripture and holy writings, and I must not slack on my prayers. My focus must be heavenward, even as my feet travel along terra firma. With my head in the clouds, closer to my Maker and my Protector, I have to trust that the floorboards are strong enough in the closet of my soul. I have to be ready. I have to remember that my Strength comes from above.