The Catholic Church is often accused of being old-fashioned, as though this were something we should all shudder at hearing. Being old-fashioned is painted as the bane of existence – having the latest gadget, the newest trend, and the hottest lingo is obviously what we should strive for. Being old-fashioned is just another way of saying that the Church doesn’t know what in the world she’s talking about, and how could she, as old-fashioned as she is? Until she “gets with the times,” there’s probably no hope for any of us.

Whatevah! (Said in my very best voice, rolling eyes, turning away)

I have a feeling JC was old-fashioned too, all that referring to “the beginning” when the Pharisees asked him about divorce, all that compassion, all that hanging around with the scum of the earth. Jesus spent a lot of time talking about faith – or a lack thereof – and how important it is. Faith might just be the secret ingredient to this old-fashioned business.

Before we get caught up in being “with it,” let’s look to our models, the saints and Jesus himself. You see lots of WWJD paraphernalia out there in the wide world, right next to the hip-hugging jeans and the navel-baring shirts our kids are wearing (well, maybe not our kids, right?). What would Jesus do? What’s so wrong with old-fashioned? We’re in pretty good company, after all!