The Challenge watered the seeds and then Danielle got me thinking. What is it I love about my husband? What is it that he does right? How do I name the ways he inspires me and motivates me and gives me hope in life?

Last night I wrote a short paragraph: “My husband really touches me, and makes me a better person, by the joy he has for our daughter. He makes me see that my life is worthwhile, even with everything I don’t get done, and he makes me value my vocation, because he’s my partner in it. When I broke my arm, he did not hesitate in helping with the little things I just couldn’t do, like dressing her in the morning and tackling her in the evening for her bath. He has not ever brought up the number of times I’ve made him late to work since the arm’s been casted, but he does notice when I’ve jumped a hurdle (like folding laundry or doing dishes) and he compliments me on it. He’s thoughtful and he loves me, and that is not a little thing at all!”

But this morning, after sleeping on it, I have to say more.

I married my hero. Here’s a man who has integrity and who always acts with honesty. His first priority is his family, and it has been since he was 18 and he gave up college to help raise that family. He has sacrificed over and over, with no complaints. He’s full of smiles and he spreads the joy of his life. His faith is what convinced me to “try” going to Mass. He is the model of St. Francis: he doesn’t use a lot of words, but he preaches the Gospel with every encounter.

Yes, I truly believe my husband is a living saint. When that small white casket was the reason for a family gathering, I watched his strength in the tears and his compassion in the pain.

My husband is a farmer, though he doesn’t farm per se (he would if he could, believe me!). Every day, he nurtures the field of our family, and he pours the fertilizer of his love and prayer and devotion. He encourages me to try out those projects I’ve been reluctant to risk, and he walks with me as I struggle and meander. He bears with my grumbling and brings me back to reality when PoorMe has me convinced that things are bad.

I love you, Bob. And today, for no reason other than that, I salute you for all you have done and continue to do. You are the person I always had in mind when I thought of a prince. I’m the person who married “a guy like that.” That’s my biggest PTL Moment of all!