Instead of reflecting on today (I did that last year, and the year before TWICE, so have fun if you want birthday reflections), I thought I’d turn to you, the silent audience of my blog.


Today is my 36th birthday. I’m not feeling old or, really, anything other than a jumble of considering what I need to get done on this Thursday.

So, it’s your turn. Your gift to me, if you will.

What advice would you offer to me on my 36th birthday?

What wisdom do you have to share, as you look back or look forward to your own 36th birthday? What great quote or wonderful image can you share?

Credit to Jen for thinking of this long ago (though I just can’t find the link and am too lazy to keep digging…) (And…are you praying for her? Start. Now.)

And no, that’s not my cake. It’s a photo I found from MorgueFile.