A messy house as proof of a weekend spent in it

Finishing a good book

Falling asleep two nights in a row trying to watch a movie with hubby

Two sick kids

The medicine miracle – even though Prince Charming was indisposed (nearly throwing up with some sort of virus that reared its head late in the day on Sunday), Miss Muffet took her medicine with NO INCIDENT, straight off the spoon! (Of course she would, the cynic voice in my head observes, I posted about it (and got some great tips – keep em coming; I’m sure this was a brief honeymoon and won’t last!))

Standing at the sink, doing dishes (because there’s no dishwasher in THESE parts!), while Miss Muffet paints on the table behind me, and then turning around as she exclaims, “MOM! This is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!” (Her birthday was the 1st. It isn’t her birthday.)

Walking in late to Mass and, amid the frustration and embarrassment, realizing that, sometimes, you just have to accept where you’re at in your life and pray for God’s graces

Hot tea in a variety of flavors (my favorite is this one)

Praying for Grandpa Dean

A hot shower and a hot cup of coffee and an hour, all to myself (but not all at the same time, mind you)

A porch full of wood

A stove cranking out heat

A kiss and a poke and a comment about how great I look from the guy who’s STILL the hottest thing going!