I have successfully avoided this question for years in this space. Goal? Blogging is my fun. There’s no GOAL in FUN. Riiiight?

Well, this weekend, someone from another world stopped into my virtual space and made two comments.

“Wow, you sure have been at this for a long time!” and “So, what’s your goal?”

And though I laughed, once again, and replied flippantly, I’ll admit that it got me thinking.


What is my goal? This blog thing is an outlet, but it’s also become more than just fun. All the books I’ve had published, and a large part of my other writing credits, stem from this little sandbox I’ve built over the years. There are a host of strangers who get my address and learn about my blog (because the marketer in me insists on giving out the non-gmail address…because I can’t even help it).

And they think it sounds cute. Or clever. Or funny.

(I wonder if they ever stop in and then run screaming? Hmmm. That would be an interesting measurement to have.)

In the last few years, I’ve spent quite a bit of time helping other people build their platforms and audiences. Mine has grown rather accidentally and organically, which doesn’t really say a lot for me, does it?

Can the fun be my goal? Do I need to monetize…does the work I get because of this count as monetization? (Before now, I have always said yes and refused to yield on what I do here on my blog, because, by gum, it is my sandbox.)

I’ve always avoided being too intentional here. I do have intentional streaks in my life, and I believe in the importance of that. But this space? This has always been me with my hair down, maybe in jammies or maybe curled up, coffee in hand, chillin.

Does that make this outdated? A non-platform?

Or is it just me insisting on wearing cowboy boots when everyone else has on high heels?