Today, the Catholic Family Fun Book Tour stopped at Mommy Marginalia, where I was humbled and delighted.

“Mommy, come play me!”  This is the call of my two-year-old, as he makes a beeline for the backyard the minute we walk in the door.

I am still dressed from work.  Dinner is not on the table.  But those big green-brown eyes are pleading not just for play, but play with me.

I’ll be the first to admit that I try to do too much.  I want to provide fun and meaningful play opportunities with my son (have you seen my Pinterest boards?!).  I want to get down on the floor and play with him.  I struggle mightily with balancing that desire with the other things that pull at my  heart  – building a deeper relationship with God (and fostering my son’s relationship with Him); tending to my marriage – and demand my attention – practicing law (and running my own law office); serving as the family cook, the resident errand-runner, the well-intentioned housekeeper, and the laundress.

Victoria continues with how she actually used Catholic Family Fun with her 29-month-old and it’s an anecdote that warms my heart.

For one thing, hey! That’s my book! And it WORKS!

For another, hey! Good job, Mom!

Do stop over and read the whole thing, and while you’re at it, poke around. This is a blog I hope to keep up with in the coming months!