It is possible, in looking back, to ask where God was.

It is possible, in climbing the mountain, to wonder why God leaves me alone.

It is possible, in facing the turmoil, to forget that God is holding me.

When things are at their worst, I am not standing on my two legs. I am not fighting off the evil or solving any problems, unless it is by the grace of the One who made me in the first place. I am embraced in His arms, comforted by His mother, rooted by faith in Him.

When things are at their best, I am not the reason. I am not the one who runs the show or drives the car. I am merely the recipient of blessings, the messenger, the instrument.

It is possible to look around, and wonder where God is, to blind myself to the still small voice and the many blessings in my life. It is tempting to stomp my feet and ask why things are so hard, to stop praying because it doesn’t do any good that I see, to talk to a thousand different people about my problems but never the One who is waiting so patiently.

It is possible to ask where God is, where God was, where God will be.

Looking around, I have my answer. God is right here. Waiting. Watching. With me. Acting in ways I may never know…and that’s OK. It is not often for me to know. It is for me to keep riding along in the car, praying my day away, enjoying the blessings that shower down.