Hubby’s birthday was yesterday, and after he rang in 37 years young (though he looks not a day over 29, when I first met his handsome countenance), I told him about his birthday present. Of course, there is no surprise that he doesn’t see coming unless I really work at it and don’t think of it within his earshot. But though he knew his birthday present would be a fishing trip, he didn’t know it would be on the Big Lake (yes, we have one here in Ohio, and I happen to have all sorts of fond growing-up memories of it) on a charter boat.

This morning, he left me a note that he would return as “Conquerer of the Lake.” And so I feel that there’s a big job ahead of me to conquer this house. Yeah, that resolution to clean it this month? Um, well, this morning might be a fine time to start…before the heat tops 96 and the humidity competes with my in utero acrobat to take my breath away (carrying a baby high has advantages (like in wardrobe) and disadvantages (like in breathing when she decides to use my diaphragm as her trampoline)).

So, while they’re off conquering the lake, we’ll be
– folding laundry (to disprove that laundry baskets are synonymous with dressers) and possibly hanging some out on the line (let’s use that heat to our advantage!)
– picking up the miscellany in the living room (and finding that remote that’s been AWOL for a few days…)
– sweeping said living room (there comes a point when, no matter how much you may hate vacuuming, it just has to be done)
– putting said miscellany back on the floor (hey, Toddler-princess has to have a job here too!)
– putting away dishes and washing up the dirty ones (you know, to fill the extra minutes)
– examining the red-skinned dog and weighing what it’s worth to get him to stop itching obsessively (too bad he appears to be as allergic to Advantix as he is to Frontline; a trip to the vet might be in order)

And then, when the heat index tops what the pregnant manatee momma can take, we’ll shower and hike to some unsuspecting family member’s house to grace their A/C with our presence.