…I’ll just refrain from posting fabulous pictures of our well-spent Tuesday afternoon (big backyard, three girls, water, and a slip-n-slide…what more do ya need?) and stick my nose instead in the July/August issue of Canticle. I’m in it with a little piece on hanging out laundry. (The English teacher in my head insists that, in fact, it’s about something entirely different, and also insists that I state that here. It’s not a “how to” or a “best practices” article. It’s more of a…well, wait, you have to read it for yourself!)

Here’s a little excerpt (You’ll humor me for a moment, won’t you? It’s one of my favorite topics…):
I have always loved hanging out laundry. I have always loved the feel of the fabric, the sure way it hangs, the smell of the detergent and the fresh air mingling together. I have always felt calm when I hang out laundry.

If you happen to read that, check out the picture. Yes, that’s my laundry and in the background is the barn. I just love that they printed the picture I sent! (The picture I’m using in this post, incidentally, is a different picture of laundry hanging out on my line, with a different barn in the background. If “obsessed” or “crazy” came to your mind, well, I’d know why.)

What? You don’t get Canticle? What are you waiting for? Your first issue is free…call 800-558-5452. (At least, they were having a free first issue offer. But if not, I’m telling you, this is one of the two magazines I actually read. (And I’m notoriously bad about reading magazines.))

As for the internet connection…let’s just say my download speeds are flirting with levels, and I’m having an opportunity to wean myself from podcasts and blogging alike. Not that I wanted or asked for that opportunity, mind you. But wait, could God be trying to point me toward that back flowerbed, overrun with weeds?


But there is a big road trip to Atlanta coming up…and there is plenty of packing to do…

Now, excuse me, will you. I have to read this issue of Canticle