Play-Doh on the floor before the show starts. With cousins. (And for those who are not willing to sit on the floor, the crock pots full of homemade lunch for after the show’s over.)

Slobbery sheep kisses free of charge (or, gaining upper body strength by wrestling a ewe lamb who weighs more than your dad)

Her job: hold the head. His job: set the feet. Aunt Sarah’s job: take the pictures.

What a fan club! (Pictured are just the cutest members)

The expressions are…priceless. All day long.

Aunt Sarah getting in the way to get all those stinkin pictures

Family bonding opportunities

The sheep have style too! (We don’t spend all that time washing them and fitting them and making them beautiful only to let them lay down in the straw and mess it all up, folks!)

Market lamb style (aka tubes) (They are slick-shorn, which means they just get washed and wiped, not all the hard work of fitting that goes into the other breeding animals, though this particular ewe had the unfortunate luck (and small amount of intelligence) to give up the freedom of not having to wear anything by rubbing against the red fence after her first bath…so she got a tube in the end)

The view from up top

Cool new covers for the sheep

Blue ribbons. And blue ribbons. And blue ribbons. (And a white one and a pink one.)

There is a technique to how you store your ribbons (and specifically, how you put them in your back pocket). And don’t you forget it. (Cuz Dad does it this way, and he will give you pointers and even put the first one in there for you.)

Making Daddy proud

Dancing with Daddy in the aisle between classes

The big yellow slide…with Daddy!

Going back on the big yellow slide. (Who can say no?)

Sugar in frozen form, shared in the shade with cousins who are cooler than any frozen treat

The ride home