Mary this week: She’s by the manger for me. I have a reflection on that coming up in this week’s Catholic Moments (which isn’t live as I type, but will be later today, I think).  Earlier this week, she was expecting and queening, but now, she’s by the manger.  It’s silent there, right before the visitors start rolling in.  She’s my model in these

Outside my window: I think I just heard the garbage truck, which reminds me that I forgot to take out the garbage.  Sigh.  There’s snow still on the ground, and the promise of more to come.  I’m glad for that snow; otherwise, it would be a gray day, but the snow makes it brighter.  I need that bright light as I try to get to the manger.

In thanksgiving: For morning prayer.  For Mystic Monks.  For family.  For friends who might as well be family.  For other people’s prayers.  For Poppa Gene’s continued recovery.  For Mary at the manger.

Nose inserted: I’m still trundling along with The Power of Respect, by Deborah Norville.  I am enjoying it immensely, but it’s not a book I’m whipping through.  I’m going to be starting a friend’s manuscript soon (it’s my third time reading it, and I have enjoyed watching the story change, and I also really love the characters), so there’s a chance my nose will stay inserted in Norville’s book through January.  That’s OK.  There’s a lot of good stuff in it.

Recent reads: I’m almost finished with Go to Joseph, by Fr. Richard Gilsdorf.  It’s an amazing book, and one that I’m going to be sure to write about (perhaps even as soon as next week).  On Saturday, during the drive to see my family for our Christmas gathering, I reveled in The Cricket on the Hearth, by Charles Dickens.  An aunt of mine suggested it a few years ago, then bought me my own copy (though it’s in the public domain — clicking that link takes you to a free version of it).  I try to read it every year at Christmas.  It’s considered one of Dickens’ Christmas classics, though it’s not overtly Christmas-y.  A very, very special story to me (and not a full book, though longer than what we’d consider a short story now, I think).

In my ears: I just finished episode 24 of Catholic Lab last night.  Wow.  I think I need to re-listen and take notes.  I enjoyed how Ian debunked the arguments about overpopulation and also presented a discussion about climate change.  Now I’m on to Aural Delights 111 from StarShipSofa (I’m a bit behind) and more on my podcast playlist.  The next few days might be light on podcasts and heavy on music, but we’ll see.  It’s possible I’ll carve out time to clean and listen.  I just don’t know.  And I really don’t care.  🙂

Around the house: One on the couch, slipping in a bit of TV; one in the playroom, talking to a baby doll about something related to “Ready, Momma!”  The fire won’t go this morning, which is frustrating, but the coffee will brew, and that’s lovely.  The tree is silent in the corner, and I’m thinking it’s time to bring in the real tree (which will be planted in the garden after Christmas; one of the many lasting reminders we have of our Christmases together) and have the kids decorate it.  Don’t know if we’ll do that today or tomorrow.

A favorite thing: Small voices belting old carols and reinventing them as they go.

Food for thought: “I think that if God forgives us we must forgive ourselves. Otherwise it is almost like setting up ourselves as a higher tribunal than Him.” – C. S. Lewis (from a recent Women of Grace Grace Line)

Worth a thousand words: Christmas memories from this weekend

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