We have spent our Labor Day making sure of three things:
1. The baby’s not near the stove.
2. The three-year-old’s occupied.
3. The jelly’s done right!

And so, in light of the work we’ve done (many thanks to my mother-in-law, who once again buckled down and made it possible), I was delighted to open my inbox and see words of another wise woman in my life, Grandma Gordy:

The question to ask yourself about jelly is this: It is not about how much jelly you can MAKE, but how much can you CONSUME? I used to do the summer grape jelly thing (my Grandparents had an arbor with 6 types of grapes) We did it the old fashion way,,,,,,,,no Surejel! Just hours and hours of cooking and making sure EVERYthing in the house was permanently stained with grape color! It is fun, but don’t let it get out of perspective! We used to make dozens and dozens of jars!

Another question I used to ask is, WHY does God have to make every crop get ripe for preserving in late summer, the hottest and busiest time of the year? I believe it may be so that he can have more matyrs out there!…..Namely us women who suffer in the name of grapes, or corn, or peaches, tomatoes, zuchinni, etc.! Now there is a thought……..we are the “Produce Martyrs”! Just teasing of course, as I have been busy preserving things myself……….but I do more freezing these days. I am trying apples this year for the first time…..to freeze for pies, etc. A friend told me how to do them so we shall see. I have frozen peaches, cherries and will use some of my bounty for special events and even Fish Frys. Next few weeks I will make some Pear Butter.