We interrupt today’s Wordless Wednesday for this opportunity…

I’ve been writing a weekly Tech Talk column at CatholicMom.com for a while. It’s a lot of fun, but I’ve noticed something increasingly in that time:

Lots of people have Android phones and devices.

I do not. I have iOS (Apple) stuff. I can write until I’m blue in the face about these apps (because I am nothing less than an appaholic, oh yes), but it doesn’t really help those people with Androids.

Lisa Hendey and I have been talking, and she gave me the permission to start recruiting.

 So, if you’re interested, here’s what we need:

Someone who can write on at least a monthly (possibly weekly or biweekly) basis about Android apps. Tech Talk isn’t always about apps, mind you, but we want someone who can focus on Android (and neither of us can).


  • You’ll have their own column page on our site (which is an increasingly fabulous thing–check mine out)
  • You’ll have a basis for requesting (and receiving) free apps.
  • You will have  the chance to become an “expert” on this topic, which means radio interviews, speaking about this topic, etc.
  • Writing for CatholicMom.com is very flexible.
  • It’s great exposure, especially as the CatholicMom.com book line gets launched and the site gets increasing exposure and popularity.
  • You get to work with Lisa Hendey and myself. She’s a ton of fun, truly nice and kind, and I add humor to things on a minute-by-minute basis (just see my Twitter feed if you have any doubts).

What’s needed from you:

  • A commitment to write on a regular basis.
  • Contact me, either in the comments of this post or by email.